Getting Started

To You,

There are two things I love doing the most; Watching and Writing. I don’t know when it all began but I’ve been in love with them as long as I can remember. Watching movie is one of my favourite hobbies. Movies are like secret windows. Though once in a while you might encounter a plain and dull scenery, I’m sure there are more good views than bad ones out there.  Writing is another favourite past time of mine. It is my way of letting out my thoughts and feelings. After watching a movie, more than often my thoughts rambled through my mind and gets jumbled up and writing is the way to entangle them.

That’s how an idea came about.

I am creating a new blog dedicated to the two things i love doing the most. I’ll watch a movie and write a review. If anyone out there is looking for a honest opinion on what movie to watch or avoid, you should visit this blog. You might have a different opinion from me but it’s ok. People don’t always think alike. But I hope this blog would be helpful in one way or another.

Just remember a popcorn a day keeps the stress away. Enjoy!

P.S: Some things you should take note. I’m just gonna write anything I feel like writing. Normally I won’t write the story plot because i don’t wanna spoil any surprises.  To sum it up,  I’m a free-spirited writer.

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