Film Review 2: Shattered Glass

A biopic always gets advantage points.
Spoiler alert!
This is a true account of the rise and fall of Stephen Glass, a journalist from the prestigious The New Republic magazine. He was a witty and entertaining writer and everybody seemed to be enticed by him. All was going well until his article, “Hack Heaven”, triggered his downfall. Its credibility was doubted as Adam Penenberg, a writer from Forbes online publication, encountered difficulty in confirming the facts. Chuck Lane, the editor in charge of TNR, began his investigation and learnt the truth behind “Hack Heaven”. Ironically there’s nothing true in it.

I’ve always fancy biopic cause I believe eveyone has a story to tell. Also, what’s better than watching reality gets blown out on screen?
I did a little research on Stephen Glass. He’s actually a hell of a talented guy, perhaps too talented for his own good. He would have made a fine writer if he had chosen a career as fictional writer. It’s bad idea for someone like him to become journalist. Anyway, apparently couple of years ago he wrote a biography. I wouldn’t take what he says, especially about himself, too seriously. After all he’s a master of words, manipulation, and a Machiavellian. However his audacity to fabricate article after acrticle makes quite a story.

If you’re looking for reality drama, you could try this movie. There’s no subplot, but it doesn’t affect anything. I think you’ll either like it or think nothing of it. You won’t hate it, so there’s no harm in trying.

Mel says: 7.5/10


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