Film Review 5: House Bunny

I hate overly bimbo movies cause they make me feel stupid watching it. I didn’t really intend to watch this ever but since my sister told me it isn’t as bad as it looks I thought I’d give it a shot.

Bad point – This is just another Anna Faris’ lamebrainer movie. I wonder why she has to play bimbo all the time. She could do so much better than that but apparently she can’t shake off that image. I’m not anticipating her next movie.

Good point – Shelley, The Bimbo, is stupidly funny. Here’s a dialogue between Oliver and Shelley;
Oliver: You given any thought to who you might be voting for?
Shelley: I definitely won’t listen to what Simon says, he is just so mean. I usually always agree with Paula and Randy.
Shelley: Oh, you meant the president.

In short, it’s a fair entertainment at the expense of someone’s foolishness.

If you’ve got too much time to kill, you could watch this (Don’t blame me afterwards). I don’t think I’ve wasted my time but I could have spent it more wisely on a better film.

Mel says: 5.6/10


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