Film Review 6: RocknRolla

If you’ve seen Guy Ritchie’s previous films, you’d know what to expect; a couple of lowlife criminals cum buddies, hefty cash, a missing item that goes around, queer straight-faced hit man, frustrated mobsters and a collision of all the main characters. By the way, Jason Statham is not in this movie, surprisingly.

I’ve seen three of his most famous movies thus far.
1) Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrel. I thought it was a really cool movie and Ritchie would go a long way in the industry.
2) Snatch. It’s kind of similar to his previous movie with wittier lines and more interesting plot. Ritchie was on his way up.
3) Rocknrolla. It is a rendition of the previous two movies. How do you feel when you hear the same joke for the third time? Not cool.

I am quite a fan of Guy Ritchie, particularly for his ingenious style of editing. He dares to throw heaps of jump cuts, transitions, few Dutch tilt and occasionally breaks the 180 degree rule, and whatever he does illuminate the harmony between the story and the picture. He has his own style of impressing the audience. Well done for that but I think it’s time for him to move beyond his comfy box. He’s too complacent with the same ol’ story plot. Maybe his loyal male fans still enjoy it but I won’t be so sure about the females. I, for one, am tired. However, I still have much faith in him. I wish he would deliver something different in his upcoming movie.

Hardcore fans would love this. If you hadn’t watched any of his previous films, you might like this. To the boys out there: you’re likely to enjoy this. To the girls: it’s a ‘Guy’ movie. You decide.

Mel says: 7.2/10


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