Film Review 7: The Darjeeling Limited

First, I want to apologise for the no show yesterday. My left eye was swollen and I decided to give it a break. I didn’t stay up to review a movie. I’m feeling much better today so here’s the review of the day.

Three brothers who haven’t seen each other since their father’s funeral a year ago set forth to India on a spiritual voyage. Francis (Owen Wilson), the eldest as well as the organiser, has a hidden agenda of hoping to reunite with their estranged mother while his clueless brothers, Peter and Jack, reluctantly follow along. The dysfunctional brotherhood is put to test as they argue, disagree, and fight on a train named “The Darjeeling Limited” across the country.

The Darjeeling Limited is delightful. It is funny and smart, the best combination for a movie. The story flows so fine that I didn’t try to guess how the story is going to be, I let myself immerse in it. Furthermore, albeit brief duration of 91 minutes, the pace of the movie is perfect. Nothing is rushed nor dragged. Sometimes I feel that a movie which last less than 100 minutes is a rip off but this is definitely not one of it. In particular, I like how the Whitman brothers finally get on track in their divine journey when they try to save three local kids from drowning. I believe, in a foreign land, true enlightenment comes when one starts to encounter the life of a local, not just looming around as tourist.

When picking a movie to watch, I like to choose something to suit my emotion at that moment. However, this is one movie you could watch anytime at all. It has a deep meaning, yet the story is told in a calm manner. There’s no need to fill up your tummy before watching but if you do, it’s fine also.

If you couldn’t decide on a movie, you might wanna consider watching this.

Mel says: 8/10

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