Film Review 10: Indiana Jones and Kingdom of The Crystal Skull



The movie follows an old man’s quest to return a crystal skull to its rightful owner who turns out to be an alien. It is directed by Steven Spielberg which might explain where the extraterrestrial creature comes from.




Actually I haven’t seen the prequels but it shouldn’t matter. As one of the most popular adventure movies of all time, the latest installment of Indian Jones series doesn’t quite live up to its reputation. It is not much of an entertainment and it can’t be taken seriously either. The script is weak and slack. The characters are unable to capture the audience. Overall, it seems like a scrawny slapstick comedy.

On a brighter note, this movie is harmless and laughable (take it as compliments). Although given the choice, I’d pick another movie. The supernatural ending really ruins it for me.


I doubt they’re going to make another sequel but who knows. Indiana Jones can conveniently pass his hat to his son, Mutt Williams (Shia Labeouf). I reckon that is one of the reasons for his sudden appearance.


If you’re curious about the ending, go ahead and watch. Even if you thought this movie too farfetched, you might want to consider watching (when you have plenty of time to spare) just to get a good laugh at its absurdity.


Gah. John William’s musical score is playing continuously in my head.


Mel says: 6.5/10


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