Film Review 11: The Truman Show


Truman Burbank (Jim Carrey) is an average insurance agent who lives in a perfect world with his friendly neighbours, loyal best buddy and a beautiful wife. Unbeknown to him, he is actually the focus of a hit reality show called “The Truman Show” who lives in an enormous vault studio under the scrutiny of 5000 hidden cameras with actors who posing as his friendly neighbours, colleagues, best buddy and even wife. His life is a fabrication made to entertain millions of live audiences. When he starts to experience strange things, such as hearing a radio broadcast which describes his every movement, he begins to sense something odd. Subsequently, he notices the peculiar systematic behaviour of the people around him. He finally plans to escape from town. However, with “Truman Show” creator’s ability to control his situation, including sudden traffic jams or ghastly weather, will he succeed?

I think this movie is prophetic. It is created in 1998 and 11 years later, we are now in a “Reality Show” generation where audiences enjoy watching other people’s life on the television. Look at how many reality shows we have now and you’ll have to agree with me.

Truman Show is timeless and its messages still apply today. It questions about voyeurism, existentialism or even God, whether good or bad. (I believe in Him though).
In addition, the actors are great. Jim Carrey shows off his acting skill in a drama, contrary to his usual comic roles and Ed Harris fits well as a cold film producer who is fastidious about his camera angles. The story pace is just right and the idea is simple yet genius.

If you haven’t seen it, I would highly recommend this movie. It’s never too late to watch.

Mel says: 8.8/10


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