Words Revisited.

I was reading my old diary and it’s kind eerie. Somehow my own writing reads like someone else’s composition and the author has the key to my thoughts. Words that I’ve struggled to let out were written on it. Let me share an excerpt:


 “It’s funny how being in seclusion makes everyone’s life counts and once you left that state, people dispersed to their ordinariness.”


It was a reflection of my feeling when I returned from New Zealand. I lived on the southest part of South Island of New Zealand which you can consider as almost the southest end of the world. There weren’t many people there and definitely more sheep than human. It made me miss everyone, not just people whom I know but EVERYONE. Every night I would pray for them before I went to sleep and in the morning I thought of them, wishing they were with me. But now that I’m back, I just wanna get away. Far from the crowd. No… I still wanna be with ones whom I dearly love but away from faces with names. I’m lucky enough to have met some nice people here but there are times when I crave for solitary moment. Having said that, I wouldn’t wanna live in a sleepy town again. I do miss the southern atmosphere, road trips, laidback lifestyle and lovely people of Invercargill but I have to move on, just like someone did.


I’m game for a new adventure!


I can’t wait for my papers to be over so I can run the movie marathon again. =)

Till then.


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