Film Review 15: My Fair Lady

Gone are the exams, here comes holiday!
Well not quite, cause I still have to go to work. But that’s fine.
Anyway, it’s good to be back.

I thought it’ll be good to comeback with an easy-to-digest film that everybody can appreciate. Therefore I picked up an all time classic which some would hail as one of the greatest films ever made and with it I shall recommence the movie marathon. =)

My Fair Lady was released theatrically in 1964 and it swept 8 Oscars including Best Picture. Up till now people are still mesmerise by it. This is definitely a classical beauty that hasn’t lost its charm through the passing of time.

Determined to be a lady at the flower shop, Eliza Doolittle (The Audrey Hepburn) shows up at Henry Haggins’ (Rex Harrison), a professor of linguistics, house with her uncouth behaviour and thick Cockney accent, asking him to tutor her on how to be a lady. Although her language sounds totally atrocious, Haggins confidently places a bet with his friend Col. Hugh Pickering (Wilfrid Hyde-White) that he can transform guttersnipe Eliza into a refined lady who can pass off as duchess at the Embassy Ball which is six months away. However, the lessons prove more difficult that Haggins thought with him and Eliza constantly at loggerheads. At the same time, through the course of time, the two slowly develop attachments to each other. What will become of them? Will she pass her test? Watch to find out.

Unlike our contemporary romantic movies which often contain more lust than love, there isn’t a single kissing scene in My Fair Lady. The closest to a love confession you get is “Accustomed to her face”. Despite the lack of romantic jive, love is so palpable in this movie. It is sincere and honest.

Most of you would agree with me that the strongest draw for this film is the fine lady herself, loverly Audrey Hepburn. I’m a fan. Ever since I first saw her as Holly Golightly, I was captured by her beauty and strong character. It’s always a joy watching her portraying her character with sentiments. In My Fair Lady you get to see her in rags but it doesn’t do harm to her beauty, it only elucidates her talent.

In a sentece: My Fair Lady is simply a delightful musical which is worthy of all the attention it gets.

Mel says: 9.1/10



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3 responses to “Film Review 15: My Fair Lady

  1. Mystery Man

    Great review! I plan on watching this over the weekend, so this just lets me know that it won’t be a waste of time.
    I should have my own review up by Tuesday, at the latest.
    Nice site you have here, btw. I look forward to coming back soon and seeing what else you have! Feel free to swing by and check out my site, as well.

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