Film Review 16: The Wrestler

I admit I stopped watching 15 minutes into the film. It was too mundane. I mean how interesting can the life of an aged wrestler be? Out of curiosity, I browsed through some reviews about the flick. Surprisingly, it received much love all around. So I decided to continue with the movie and I’m glad I did.

The movie is about Randy”Ram”, (Mickey Rouke) a glorified wrestler who 20 years later looks like a loser working at a deli and…   Ok, I guess the movie doesn’t sound appealing to the ladies.


I don’t fancy watching WWE or WWF (whatever) because I know it’s just an act. The wrestlers already know what is going to happen and who’s going to be the winner. They’re just pretending to be ruthless and make the champion seems immune to death. However, after watching The Wrestler I’m beginning to appreciate them a little more, not for who they become in the spotlight but who they are behind the curtains.


There is one scene which is so grotesque I have to turn away for couple of minutes; After a messy bloodied match between Randy and Necro, the two are treated for their wounds which includes extracting broken glass pieces, staple and barbed wire from their bodies. OUCH! Ewww….


This is not for the faint hearted or people with short interest span but if you’re a WWF lover, all the more you’ll be cheering for your wrestler after you watched this flick.


Mel Says: 7.4/10


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