Film Review 17: Because I Said So

Warning: This review contains biasness.


This movie received horrendous reviews in general which makes baffled because my sister and I had a good laugh watching it. Then I found the problem: Vast majority of film reviewers are males.  No wonder they hated it but who cares? I’m an ordinary female and I love this movie!


The main relationship in this movie is between Daphne, a single mother who raised three daughters, and Milly, her youngest daughter. Daphne, like most mothers, hopes for the best for her daughter but her naivety towards love triggers her paranoia of Milly ends up being alone like her. In order to prevent that, she decides to interfere by setting Milly up with the perfect man, Jason (Tom Everett Scott), she finds through a personal advertisement. Just as her plan starts to fall into places, Johnny (Gabriel Macht) the free spirited musician appears and steals Milly’s affection. So who will be the last man standing? Is it Johnny or Jason?



I have two sisters and a mother who passes for the eldest sister, maybe that’s why I could relate to this film. I could imagine watching this with my girlfriends and enjoy ourselves. Guys wouldn’t get that. Too Bad.


Girls, please don’t let the guys bother you. Guys don’t really know what’s going on between a mother and daughter so they would think this movie is unrealistic. As you know, most guys do not have the same kind of problems with their fathers. Trust me, apart from the cheesy lines, the story is pretty relevant to some of us girls. Besides, there are two too-good-to-be-true guys in this show who’ll melt your heart and make you wondering who you would choose. Guys hate that, but isn’t that the whole point of watching chick flick?


Do you remember what I said about The Wrestler getting awesome reviews?  If you compare a movie about a semi-retired wrestler to a movie about a relationship between mother and daughter, which one would you pick? Most likely, guys would pick the first and girls the latter. I would say this is much more interesting than The Wrestler but that’s just my opinion.  

Sorry guys. This is one for us girls. Cheers!


Mel says: 7.5/10


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  1. my girlfriend made me watch this with her. I hate too admit it, but I enjoyed the flick. Although Mandy Moore annoys me, I love Diane Keaton.

    I have a movie review blog as well, check it out if you ever find yourself bored :)

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