Film Review 18: City Of Ember

When I first saw the poster, I didn’t know it’s a children movie. Ok, maybe not exactly children but I’m sure it’s not intended for adults. If Chronicles of Narnia is the kid verison of Lord of The Rings, City of Ember is a kid version of a science fiction movie. Actually both this movie and Narnia are released by Walden Media, so we should know how their next movie is going to be like.

Ember is an underground city but the people of Ember doesn’t know it. All they know is that they are living in a world of darkness and their sole source of light is powered by a massive generator which is becoming faulty. As the lights begin to flicker and blackouts becoming frequent,  the citizens are in fear of Ember becoming black for good. Meanwhile, Lina (Saoirse Ronan) discovers a old box containg some sort of instructions.  She consults her friend, Doon (Harry Treadaway), and they realise the instructions might lead to an exit from Ember. Now the two are in a race against time as they figure out the way out while trying to escape from the wicked Mayor Cole (Bill Murray).

I thought the movie isn’t as bad as it could have been. Kids below twelve years old would totally enjoy the ride, but for adults this might be quite a pain to watch. The story doesn’t really make sense. The ancestors of Ember wrote an instruction that is so difficult to understand, it almost seem like they don’t want the people of ember to escape from the declining city. So much for the greater good. A lot of props are added to the movie just to impress kids who fall for them unfortunately to the adults it is ridiculous.

I wouldn’t say this movie is awful. It’s just a kid show. If you consider yourself as an adult, you would want to give it a miss.

Mel says: 5/10


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