Weekend Day 1

I’m back from the island. I wish we could stay a little longer.
We went by boat and reached our destination at about local time 12 noon.
We had a pretty decent lunch at the beach club.

My lunch - Nirwana Beach Burger

My lunch - Nirwana Beach Burger

After lunch we rented a car and ventured out of the tourism boundary. It was really tiring cause we spent proximately 6 hours in the car. We stopped at a beach for 10 minutes photo taking session.

Beautiful Beach

Beautiful Beach

Then we headed off to the mall for a quick hair therapy for some, while I shopped for groceries and etc. We had dinner at a famous seafood restaurant before heading back to the Beach Club. It was raining cats and dogs and lightnings were flashing, we could hardly see the road ahead. It was like a horror movie scene where a zombie or something ghostly would suddenly appear before us.

We checked in to the Beach Club at 8pm. The hotel room was nothing extravagant cause we paid little but it was cosy and comfortable. At night everyone gather in one room to play rounds of card games and everybody ends up with powder marks on their faces.

It was an exhausting but enjoyable day.


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