Film Review 23: The Day The Earth Stood Still


It begins in 1928 when Keanu Reeves discovers a mysterious glowing sphere and fast forward to the present day with Dr Helen Benson (Jennifer Connelly), a Princeton astrobiology professor. One evening, she receives a strange call and the next thing, she is hastily escorted by the government to meet with other scientist for an emergency. She learns there’s a foreign space object approaching Earth in less than an hour time. It finally lands on Manhattan Central Park as a huge glowing sphere. A glowing human hand reaches out from the sphere and as Helen tries to receives it, a gunshot is fired at it. They the rescue team try to save him and discover there’s a human form beneath the thick layer of meaty substances. It is Keanu Reeves. woo…

OK, to cut the story short the movie is actually about Keanu Reeves trying to protect the earth from human’s destructive nature by eliminating the human race while Jennifer Connelly tries to convince him that human can change.

I’ve always wanted to find a reason to praise Keanu Reeves and finally I can say he fits really well in this film. I think his lack of expression does him good this time. As usual he looks dashing. I don’t mind alien invasion if they all look as good as him.
Unfortunately that’s about all the good I can say out of this movie.

I know it might seem childish to criticize a child actor but I think Jaden Smith, Will Smith’s son, is unsuitable for his role. I find his emotional character annoying rather than deserving sympathy and he’s acted like a spoiled brat. Dakota Fanning certainly did better in War of The Worlds. On top of that, I’ve seen too many films that are similar to this. It’s one of those films which you watched and then forget about it few minutes later.

If you’re a fan of Keanu Reeves or special effects, you can consider watching. If not, don’t.

Mel says: 4/10


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