Missing People

Michiko Koda, Noriko Hamada, Shinta Mark, Sara Yang, Helen Lee, Kanari Kuihara, Marlie Darmawan, William Barrie, Patrick Laughman, Lee Ho Jae, Clarissa Wardhana, Juliana To, Faustina Sari Setiawan, Ku Bon Min, Gerrard Sharp, Elizabeth Sharp, Ivan Russell, Cicilia Tanjaya, Masashi Urabe, Christopher, Kelly Rachel Ongkowidjojo, Ayano Noppii,….

The names of people whom I miss very much. I wish they were here or could come to visit me some time. I’m sure they are many more names but I can’t remember them all right now.
People only start to miss others greatly when they are apart. All I can do is to cross my fingers and pray that I’ll see them again soon enough.

My computer is broken and someone’s coming to fix it later. I’ll talk to you again shortly.



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5 responses to “Missing People

  1. I miss: Irene Sunaryo, Imelda, Hellen Lie, Eudora, Eugenia, Clarissa, Rossi, Leona, Ronaldo, Superbimbo and Goldie… I wanna meet Pepito…

  2. nemo

    Mel shinta marah2 tuh namanya ketiga. Gua mah masuk aja udah seneng..!!! huahahahaha…

  3. mel

    dasar lu marloey!
    Ginny yah?? hallo!! rossi kemaren tidurnya terbalik mulu but she’s alright now. =D

  4. mel

    ooh?! but Rossi is a girl’s name. no? hehe!

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