Film Review 27: Sound of Colors 地下鐵

Strarring Tony Leung and Miriam Yeung, Sound of Color is based on an illustration book by Jimmy Liao.

Miriam Yeung is Cheung Hok Yeuk, a blind woman who is given a flyer of a matchmaking service by a cupid (Fan Chih Wei) at MTR station. Tony Leung Chiu Wai is Ho Yuk Ming, the owner of the matchmaking sevice. His business isn’t doing well and when one of his disgruntled customers who was matchmade with a nonexistent girl forces him to make a phone call to the girl, Hok Yeuk calls just in time and saves Yuk Ming by pretending to be the girl. Later, Hok Yeuk’s father brings her to the Yuk Ming’s office hoping to find her a boyfriend. After knowing Hok Yeuk as his lifesaver, Yuk Ming offers his service free of charge. However, he cannot find a man who will date her. He ends up going on a date with her. The date goes well and their feelings start to develop. However, Yuk Ming wakes up one day and discovers he has lost his sight. Hok Yeung visits him and helps him to get used to his new situation. Slowly they become a couple. Everything is looking bright until Yuk Ming miraculously regains his eye sight after eating a candy given by a cupid. Will Yuk Ming and Hok Yeung remain together?

On the other hand, there is sub story about a man who is secretly in love with his colleague. On christmas, he decides to confess through a card but the card is lost in the mail. Few days later he receives a mail from Shanghai. It was from the receipient of his letter. Her reply makes him wonders and he packs up to see this girl who seems to be experiencing reciprocated love, just like him.

I’ve read a few of Jimmy Liao’s workpieces and watched his first film adaptation, Turn Left Turn Right. He has such strong style of writing, you could not go wrong with it. Personally I prefer Turn Left Turn Right to Sound of Colors because the characters are deeper and the story is more believable, although Sound Of Color isn’t bad at all. It is directed by Joe Ma who is well known for his romance flicks which don’t usually make sense but sweet anyway. On top of that, the star power consists of Tony Leung, Miriam Yeung and Chang Chen, so it’s bound to be good in some way.

I would prefer reading the book than watching the adaptation but I think the movie is worth seeing. True to Joe Ma’s style, it doesn’t make sense but sweet anyway. After all, love doesn’t have to make sense.

Mel says: 7/10

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