Film Review 28: Quickie Express

I’ve reviewed enough dramas, so it’s time for a comedy!

Being an Indonesian, I’ve seen quite a few local films. Some are really good while some are just trashy. If you asked me “how’s Quickie Express?”, I’d say it’s probably one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen! Quickie express is a dark and sarcastic comedy with quirky characters which will make you LOL or ROFL.

Here’s the story:
Jojo (Tora Sudiro) is a complete loser who fails at everything yet refuses to give up. One fateful day, he is “talent scouted” by a hunter (Tino Saroenggallo) who offers him the best job ever. So what is the job? Please watch the following trailer.

yes, it’s Gigolo. Quickie Express is an escort company hidden underneath a pizza house that serves the worst pizza to its female customers but you know why they keep coming back for more. Jojo, Marley (Aming Sugandhi) and Piktor (Lukman Sardi) are new kids. They are train to be the best sex machines and before long, they are on-demands in the aunties maket. Now Jojo finally has the kind of life he could only dreamt of. However, his dream is cut short when he falls in love with a pretty medical student, Lila (Sandra Dewi). He soon finds his life hanging by a thread as he gets involve with the girl, a frequent aunt-client (Ira Maya Sopha) and a mob leader (Rudy Wowor).

The first half of the movie is totally hilarious, then it gets more serious when Lila enters the scene. I prefer the first half but it doesn’t really matter. Lila is played by Sandra Dewi, a newcomer then. Now she has become one of the A-listers in Indonesia. Although her acting skill in Quickie Express is way below the rest of the cast, she looks absolutely gorgeous in the white medical outfit and she easily captures the audiences with her smile. With such a pretty face, she was bound to be the next big thing. Acting can be train later.

I love the quirkiness of the story and the bizzare characters. I think this is the most sexually explicit Indonesian movie (by Indonesian standard only) at that time which might be quite a shock for some. However, you musn’t take this movie too seriously because it is meant for pure entertainment. Laugh along and be merry!

Oh, the tagline! I reckon I should share it with you:
In Indonesia it reads: “Dimana ada kema*uan, pasti ada jalan”
Translate to English it would be something like, pardon me: “Where there is a willy, there’s a way.”

Quickie Express is nothing like typical American jokes which poke fun at sex. It is smarter than that and a good one to watch!

Mel says: 7.8/10


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2 responses to “Film Review 28: Quickie Express

  1. I watched it only a few days ago!!! Actually I’m proud that it’s made by Indonesian, it’s probably one of the “more” original scripts ever made. It’s one of my fave film noir. Furthermore, it highlights Indonesian satirical social scenes where “perfect family” make a perfect facades. Kudos to Dimas Djayadiningrat! And Joko Anwar!!

  2. I really love this movie! I totally agree with you P*aDay! This movie single handedly restore my faith in Indonesian cinema, the originality and the twisted story were added to the whole bizarre love rectangle! I take off my hat to Dimas Jay, Nia Dinata and Joko Anwar.
    One of my fave Indo movies.

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