Film Review 30: I Really Hate My Job

 This film shows one day in the lives of five women working at a restaurant in London. Begins with a quiet day at work and as the night approaches, the five characters are thrown into fits of confusion and frustration of having to work while struggling with their personal issues.

1. Abbie (Neve Campbell) turns 30 today and she gets dumped by her boyfriend. She is trained as an actress but the only offer she gets is to be a porn actress.
2. Alice (Shirley Henderson) aspires to be a writer but her work is rejected because it is “too French” and “unmarketable”.
3. Suzie (Alexandra Maria Lara) is the least depressed woman in this film. For her, ignorance is truly a bliss but then it leads her into a relationship with a younger boy who looks like Santa.
4. Rita (Oana Pellea) is the oldest around. She is a revolutionist who talks relentlessly and behaves like a lunatic.
5. Madonna (Anna Maxwell Martin) runs the bistro. She just got dumped and having to supervise those snarky employees is certainly a helluva job.

Imagine all the five characters stuck with each other. Something or someone is bound to explode. On this particular night the girls are anticipating the arrival of a famous actor, Danny Huston, and that gives them something to look forward as they slave in the rat-infested restaurant. But can they bottle their emotions up before he comes?

I’m pretty sure this is something majority of the guys would not want to watch and I understand that. There’s endless emotional eruptions and the women are not exactly likable. Some of them are just so self centred, it annoys me. However, I like how the women are potrayed in the movie. The characters tries to deal with their emotions in their own different ways. Women have different reactions, some of us hide our problems, some let loose, some just let it go, etc. Furthermore looking at what they do, it’s no wonder they really hate their job and maybe some of us can relate to that too.

Looking at Alice working in the kitchen with Rita, I would go bonkers if I were her. Also, Abbey’s outburst scene towards the end is pretty shocking. It’s a representation of a woman who had enough of her situation and just goes beyond her control.

There’s some elements of the movies that I like and I don’t but overall, it’s pretty decent. I’ll only recommend this movie for females, better still if you’re hating your job.

Mel says: 5.5/10


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