A Fish Called Rossi

I barely knew her but there’s something about losing a life.

She couldn’t swim like a normal fish, I suspected she had cancer but didn’t know it’ll kill her so soon. I used to feed her after school and her eyes would dilate as if she’s begging for more. Little things I hadn’t notice of her, I wish I had paid more attention.

“It’s just a fish” you might say but Rossi is not just. (and Rossi is not “it”, but “she”). The aquarium is looking dull without her and her friends would miss her just as much as I do.
However, wipe away the tears cause she’s swimming away to a place where there’ll be no pain.

To The Fish called Rossi.



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2 responses to “A Fish Called Rossi

  1. Huaaaa… poor Rossi.. dont worry, I just checked out you tank and there are lots of new fishy fishy!
    Feed them well!

  2. phenny

    Waaaaaaaaa, I just found the link to your blog today and read this sad news. Rossi…too bad I only had such short moment with her …hiks…:(

    I miss her, that cute fishy face :((

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