Film Review 33: Happy Go Lucky

Happy-Go-Lucky is a British comedy-drama written and directed by Mike Leigh. The tagline reads “The one movie this fall that will put a smile on your face” and that’s exactly what it is.

Poppy (Sally Hawkins) is a 30 years old single woman who looks only on the bright side of life. It seems like she has no fear of anything and fascinated to try out almost everything, from taking trampoline class to flamenco lesson.  When her bicycle is stolen, she decides to take driving lesson for the first time. Her driving instructor, Scott (Eddie Marsan), is a anguish man with an issue of racism and etc, a total opposite from Poppy’s easy going character. At first Scott is constantly aggravated by Poppy’s behaviour (Well, you won’t be surprised why), but as their lessons continue he begins to be attracted to her (you won’t wonder why either).
Meanwhile, a student in Poppy’s class is becoming aggresive and social worker Tim (Samuel Roukin) is sent on to counsel him. Poppy and Tim ends up becoming a couple and what’s going to happen to Scott?

At some point, Poppy positive attitude becomes increasingly annoying but thanks to Sally Hawkins, she doesn’t lose her charm. In the beginning we could only see her easy going character but as the story unfolds, her charater becomes stronger and deeper. There’s something about her that lures you in and you can’t help but to like her. Scott on the other hand, is a dark character with explosive temper and we would discover his past bit by bit. There are more than meet the eyes for each character and it makes the movie more than just happy-go-lucky.

I like this movie. I’m not too sure why but Poppy is probably one of the reasons. One might say the movie is pointless because there’s no apparent issue or plot, but to me it is realistic and doesn’t far-fetched the heart of the story. It’s all about human characters, not just story plots and it leaves you with things for thoughts and character analyzation.

This movie is a matter of preferance. Some will like it, some won’t and I belong to the first group.

Mel says: 7.4/10


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  1. Happy-Go-Lucky isn’t just a film that demonstrates the goodness of humankind, but makes you believe in it as well. A great film, that couldn’t stop being funny. Check out my review when you can!

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