Happy Birthday to Me =)

26th April 2007, 18th Birthday:

I had an afternoon class but minutes before it began, I texted my tutor saying my classmates and I were heading to Gore, a small fishing town in New Zealand. All in search for a great burger, so they told me. Honestly the burger wasn’t as fantastic as I thought it would be, considering we had driven miles out of town for its sake. Nevertheless, I remember thinking it was the most meaningful birthday I ever had and I still think so. Then we headed to Bluff, another small town in the vicinity of Invercargill to take a couple of photos. Unlike my past common ritual of treating group of friends to nice meal, it was only three of us and we had just burgers and chips. They gave me a lift back home on time. My homestay parents didn’t have a clue of my secret getaway. At night I invited anotha friend over for dinner. The food was wee bit too much but I cleaned it out cause I know the effort and love they put into it. Rhubbarb and apple pie to close the feast, who could resist it? And yea, Ged shouted me my first legal drink. God so bless the triple stars, Speight’s the best beer ever.

26th April 2008, 19th Birthday:

I can’t really recall what I did. I must have had dinner in a nice/decent restaurant with my family. No candles to blow out, or friends to fill my schedule. You might think it would suck but I was enjoying solitude. It’s my birthday and I reckon it was good to spend the day with myself. Besides, being with family is priceless.

26th April 2009, 20th Birthday:

Two days before my birthday Lyd, Shii, Gin and Ken turned up for an early surprise. Lyd baked cupcakes with “Happy Birthday Imelda. You are my wonder girl” written on them (awww…!). We had a night picnic at Spore Botanical Garden without food, only some chips, Pokka green tea and Woo Long tea the boys bought. So we ordered McDelivery but it took ages to arrive cause the delivery man stopped at the wrong location. Well, you’d know it’s hard to deliver food to botanical garden. After grass-burning, photo-taking and randomness session, we walked to Orchard Road and sat in front of a shopping mall. It was already midnight then. We spent the night chattering away about the changes we’ve been thorugh, etc. I love them much for just being themselves and the way they made me feel. I wish I could have Lyd’s cake for the rest of my birthdays and I just love it when 5 of us get together. They brought me so much joy.

A day prior to D-Day, I met Ci Rini and Ci Fanny for a day to remember. Ci Fanny brought her old album and we had a good laugh reading our words written 5 years ago. I didn’t realise time had past us so quickly over the years. Anyway, we went to Kbox after dinner at Macs (like the good ol days ey). Ci Rini was eating way more than she usually does but I didn’t suspect anything. We sang Chinese pop oldies cause we hardly knew the latest C-pop. When the clock strikes 12, I was ready to inform them about my birthday thinking it might have slipped their mind but I was wrong. Apparently, the whole outing was a set up. They surprised me with a cake and “Happy Birthday” song playing on the background! It was both touching and hilarious. We sang on and thought how nice it would be to have the rest of PHSindo with us. We are the frontliners in times of war,… bad or good, through adolescence. To me, they’re more than words could describe.

Next, a delicious slice of cake and the most awesome birthday “statue” in a shape of jumbo popcorn, a caricature of my website!, was waiting for me at home. That statue is totally going to top my list of the bestest bday greetings! The Roselaners did their birthday ritual with the singing and photo taking. They are the best bunch of housemates anyone could ask for. We are family, not just homey.

A day after my birthday, it was back to normal day in school. I had project group meeting with 2 classmates after class and in the evening we joined 3 other college mates at Spore flyer, Spore’s very own London eye. I thought we were going to have another project discussion but thank goodness there’s something more to it. Another surprise for me! yay! I blew out the 4th batch of candles and we rode on Spore flyer right after. The view was beautiful. I admit I was distracted by my thoughts but I’m very much thankful for all they’ve done for me. I wasn’t expecting anything but they gave me more than I would have expected.


I’ve never expected any celebrations for my birthday but of course it is great to have someone who is willing to go through so much trouble for my sake. Birthday is the day of revelation, a magical day in every year of your life. There’s always things to learn about on birthday;
Two years ago I learnt about life.
A year ago I leant how to appreciate solitude.
This year I learnt about relationships and friendships that need to be treasured.

You can call me a lucky bugger cause this year I have the best family and friends to share my day with.

I’d like to thank you all for sharing the time, efforts, happiness and most of all, love on my special day.
I love you just as much… or maybe more. =)
I’m easily contented with little things so you know there’s no way I could thank you enough.

I know this is an awfully long entry but bear just a little while.
I want to make a special recognition for one of the top birthday presents I’ve ever received;
it was on my 17th birthday and my friends gave me a purple, my fave colour, feathered bra. Mind you, it was handcrafted and they actually sew it during lesson time! Rest assured, i’m keeping it well.

I’m sorry I can’t mention all the wonderful things that had happened to me on my birthdays but trust me, they’re all carved in my heart. And for friends who would have celebrated my birthday with me if they were here, I thank you. Shinta, I know you’re one of them. =). Ginny, you’re a Roselaner so no escape lol! Kelly, I know you love me even though you almost missed my bday haha, and to few others, as well as those who wished me, : Thank you.

Till we meet again.



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4 responses to “Happy Birthday to Me =)

  1. Winston Hellen

    So fun!!! (though I didnt read all ur post.. so bloody long!)

    thumbs up for the popcorn seller!

  2. nemo

    You sure have a wonderful birthday. I spend mine at home alone..Studying for my test the next day..

  3. mel

    lol! marlie. i’d really love it if we could spend bday tgt =D

  4. SH!


    yay i love mel too! & the love weighs like tons and tons and tons of salmon. hahaha

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