Past in Present

This entry was written about 3 hours ago:
I’ve just discovered one of my greatest weaknesses; Distraction.

I can’t remember when I started picking the habit of being distracted. Drifting away from the present and losing myself to my thoughts. Worse still, I can’t find the cure and I don’t know how long it’ll take me to be back.

I’ve always consider myself as a thinker but this isn’t what I used to be. Have I seen too much, know too much and feel too much? or otherwise, seen too little, know too little and feel too little? I’m beginning to miss the old self when I’m away from all, when there was a place of withdrawal. Then again, I wouldn’t know cause I was distracted with other things at that moment.
Some people have so many questions unanswered. Good on them, cause I can’t even find the question to ask.

Being distracted is the worst you can do to yourself. Once you let your mind wanders from reality, you’ll miss the present and when you try to recall, it simply doesn’t exist in your memory, leaving just hollowness to deal with. Blessed are those who see what is presented before them instead of looking too far ahead or being affected by the past. It’s not going to be easy but I have to try to be one. Living the moment.

How do you find the depth of life when smiling has become an obligation?

I’m off to read the bible now. =)

3 hours later:
Writing really helps. I’m feeling so much better now. Find your way of letting out and you’ll be fine. =D


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  1. Must be because of your roommate. I had that too because I stayed with her.

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