Film Review 34: Marley and Me

This is an adaptation directed by David Frankel (The Devil Wears Prada). I’ve read the book and it moved me to tears. Unfortunately the movie doesn’t have the same impact.

Newlywed John and Jenny Grogan gets a cute little puppy, Marley, only to find out thet it grows up to be the world’s worst dog. However there’s more to this huge ball of destruction. Marley has become a companion to the Grogans as they encounter the good and bad times of building a family.

Ok, the few lines above doesn’t exactly do justice to what the movie is about but you get the idea. From what I read in the book, the heart of the story lies on Marley and how he becomes part of the Grogan family. However the movie focuses more on the family drama rather than the dog, making Marley seems like another one of the supporting roles. Furthermore, I don’t think Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston makes a good couple. They look more like siblings than husband and wife. There’s a part in the movie where John Grogann narrates what he wrote in his columns. So many details are condensed into the narration, it distracts the flow of the story.

There are some good points but overall, it’s just an ordinary film. There’s no particular scene which jumps at you. Then again, for that reason Marley & Me is a decent family drama.

If you hadn’t read the book, Marley & Me would do fine. Otherwise, the movie simply lacks of emotions.

Mel says: 6/10


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