Film Review 36: Over Her Dead Body


I didn’t have much expectation on this movie because I had a hunch that it was going to be bad. Nevertheless, I watched it for the sake of watching.

Here’s a story about a dead jealous girlfriend who tries to butt in her boyfriend’s new relationship with a psychic.
On Kate’s (Eva Longoria) wedding day, an “angel” falls on her and kills her. A year later, her fiance Henry (Paul Rudd) is still struggling to move on. He has a feeling that Kate’s spirit will not rest in peace if he sees another girl. His sister, Chloe (Lindsay Sloane) is concern for him and decides to bring him to a pyschic, Ashley (Lake Bell). She hopes that Kate’s spirit might appear and gives her approval of him dating again. However, there is no sign of Kate. On the bright side, Henry falls for Ashley and they begin dating, that’s when Kate shows up to ruin the sparks…

If I watched this in cinema, I would have regretted it. There’s nothing much to say about this movie. It’s typical, lacking in substance and guessable. Good thing it only runs for about one and a half hour, so it won’t kill you and there some scenes which are pretty entertaining (by lower standard). If there’s anything I hate the most from the movie is probably the editing. Though I don’t know much about editing but there are some cuts which gives you headache.

This is a movie to watch when you’ve absolutely have nothing better to do.

Mel says: 4/10


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