Film Review 37: Margot At The Wedding


The movie talks on and on like it’ll never end.

Starring Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Jack Black. Margot At The Wedding is about Margot’s visit to her sister’s place for her wedding. The movie is pretty similar to Rachel Getting Married, as both involves complex relationships. In this movie, the two sisters share a love-hate relationship, Margot and her sister’s fiancee share a mutual dislike for each other, etc.

Basically, the movie is full of conversations. Not the kind of conversation you wish to pay attention to. The characters ramble on from one scene to another. In the beginning it was alright but after some time it feels like a boring lecture. Personally, I dislike Jack Black as an actor but he’s tolerable here although his character is not likeable at all. On the other hand, Nicole Kidman whom I like, is tiresome. This is not the kind of movie I’d want to remember her with.

I don’t have much thought on this movie because it’s just doesn’t leave much impression. It would have been better if the Oscar nominated director/writer, Noah Baumbach, does more “show” than “tell” with the script.

Mel says: 4/10


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