10 Things To Do Before I Die

Yesterday my sister brought me Punggol Nasi Lemak’s fried chicken! French bean was sold out (Everybody loves french bean!) I’m beginning to think there’s something magical about the list of 10. Perhaps what I wrote would somehow come true. Well, i wish… So i’m gonna write something more serious. See if it’ll happen.

10 Things To Do Before I Die:
1. Count the number of stars while lying on an open space.
2. Drink Soju + Maek Ju till I pass out. (Now you ask, why would I do that?? this has to be done in Korea)
3. Make/Produce a Movie. Or if I can’t, then date someone who can. lol!
4. Write a Movie.
5. Publish a book.
6. Travel to 89 countries.
7. Bungee jump with someone I care about.
8. Treat my friends to a secret getaway together!
9. Throw a celebration for my parents’ wedding anniversary.
10. Tell those whom I love that I love them and make sure they feel it.


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