10 Items from “Holiday To-Do Checklist”

Tomorrow is my last paper and then I’ll have a month break. I’ll get back to writing reviews soon, so this is probably the last or the second last list of 10 I’m gonna post. You should try to write your own list of 10. Trust me, it’s fun!

1. Jog every morning/evening for a week. (Inspired by Madonna)
2. Eat only veggies for at least 5 days
3. Clean my desk. It’s such a horrible mess.
4. Cook or bake something, even if I ended up with a bad tummy ache.
5. Lose at least 1 kg.
6. Buy bag. Must Must Must!
7. Re-learn Japanese language.
8. Meet up with people from my “friends-to-meet list”
9. Pretend to be a cat for one day.
10. Wonder why the sky is so blue…

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