10 Sentences I Wish People Would Say On My Funeral

Guess what I had for dinner? it’s steamboat with lotsa fishballs!! These lists really works! I’m not gonna overreact, thinking everything I’ve listed will come true… but I believe in the power of written words. Here is the last list of 10 I’m going to post. Someday I’ll write another list but for that’s all for now. Fingers crossed.

10 Sentences I Wish People Would Say On My Funeral:
1. She was a friend like no other.
2. She may be small, but her heart is big.
3. She writes/ She was a writer.
4. She loved everything around her.
5. She thought she was a cat. I believe she is.
6. She was full of life, silly as she can be but wise when needed to be.
7. She never judges but appreciates and understands things the way they are even when she disagrees.
8. She always finds joy in the midst of uncertainties.
9. She has passed on but her legacy remains.
10. She was… and will always be. (fill in with own words)

I’m not dying but it’s always good to begin with the end in mind. There’s a lot I need to work on if I wish to hear the above praises.
I hope one day, looking down from heaven, I’ll be smiling when you read those lines. (Yes, I’m going to heaven!) And when I see God, I’m going to tell Him, “I’ve done what You called me to do”.


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One response to “10 Sentences I Wish People Would Say On My Funeral

  1. Marlie Darmawan

    hahahaha nice one mel..!!

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