Film Review 39: Blood The Last Vampire

Watching the trailer, I knew it is not my kind of movie but I went ahead to watch it because I’m a fan of the Korean lead actress, Jeon Ji Hyun, who is now known as Gianna in Hollywood.

Jeon Ji Hyun has established her career as a worthy actress through films like My Sassy Girl, Il Mare, etc. However, you could well say she degraded herself in her first Hollywood flick. Her ambitious effort to break into the Hollywood industry has caused nothing but harm to her reputation.

The story is about Saya, a Japanese vampire, who is destined to slain blood suckers and fight Onigen, The evilest of evil who killed her father.
Sounds like a nerdy film ey? Seriously I don’t know how the target audience is like for this film. The story doesn’t flow naturally, acting is doubious, make up and effects don’t give the kind of effect to suit the mood. It’s a total mess, relying heavily on special effect to make it look professional but it only results in the opposite. You end up laughing at them, like the majority of audience I watched with did. One more thing: when Saya meets Onigen I wish they had conversed in Japanese instead, so I won’t have to struggle to figure out what Onigen was saying. On the other hand, Saya’s pronunciation is very decent.

I feel bad for Jeon Ji Hyun but this movie is really beyond help. It’s the worst case of Asian actress trying to hit western market and could be the worst movie I’ve ever seen.

Mel says: 1.5/10 (If it wasn’t for Gianni, I would have scored it worse)


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