Film Review 40: Terminator Salvation

The Terminator is back. I have not seen the prequels but I enjoy the movie nonetheless.

You could say I’m unprofessional but I admit I’m having a hard time reviewing this. Why? Because I did not pay 100% attention to the film. Why? Because I was way too mesmerised by Marcus Wright! The role is played by Sam Worthington, an Australian actor born in 1976. He has acted in numerous Oz flicks such as Macbeth (2006), Fink! (2005), etc but I believe Terminator Salavation is his most commercialized movie to date. I wonder what took it so long for him to be spotted? He’s Hot! Lol.

Ok, let’s get serious.

Marcus Wright is on death row. Before he faces execution, Dr Serene Kogan (Helena Bonham Carter) convinces him to donate his body parts for a good cause as a second chance. He signs the paper but he doesn’t realise what he is in for.
Now in the year 2018, the legendary John Connor (Christian Bale) is the leader of resistance group fighting against machines. After fighting what seems like a losing battle, the resistance finally finds solution to shut down the machines and they devise a plan to destroy Skynet, the machines headquarter. The problem is they have to find Kyle Reese  (Anton Yelchin) who is held captive in Skynet. Kyle Reese is actually John Connor’s father… I can’t give much info here because I haven’t seen the prequels, therefore do not know about the exposition.
Anyway, Kyle Reese is a key player and the only way to find him is through Marcus Dwight who has been turned into a robot with human heart. John Connor has to make the decision, whether or not to trust Marcus. But how did Marcus survived in the first place?

I must really, really apologise if I didn’t do a good job at giving insight to the storyline. But if you can trust me, I say the movie is alright.  The story is predictable but very decent. The abrupt ending is not so glamourous, leaving  a wide opening for next installment but I’ve seen that coming. On the good side, it caters for everyone; For guys, it’s the actions. For ladies, it’s the hottie. lol.

Mel says: 7/10


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2 responses to “Film Review 40: Terminator Salvation

  1. Melissa

    If you see at least the first film… this one will make so much more sense!

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