Taipei Travel Journal – Day 1

If you’re planning to travel to Taiwan on your own, it’ll be good to read up my journal so you won’t make the same mistake I did, also to enjoy Taipei as much as I did. I went with my sister for 5 days trip. It was short and sweet. We didn’t really venture out of Taipei City. If we had stayed longer, I’d probably want to visit the cities nearby. Well, I’ll save that for the next trip. Anyhow, here’s a recap of what my sis and I did.


– Arrived at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport at about 3.30 pm. We wanted to take a cab down to the city but spotted a bus station which reminded me of Seoul’s aiport limousine. I asked the officer if any of the buses is heading to Xi Men Ding and found out there’s a bus which stops at our accomodation! It saved us few yuans. =) Great beginning.

– Couldn’t remember the time we reached our hotel but it took quite a long while. We stayed at Han She Hotel, small but decent accomodation at a strategic location. Good stuff coming our way. We didn’t bother unpacking our stuff and headed straight to explore Xi Men Ding. Lotsa shops, people and food. Taiwanese young crowds are generally fashionable with strong Japanese-Korean influence. The prices are reasonable but you can still bargain at some shops. If the price given is 390 NTD, you can ask for 350 NTD.

– We had dinner at I-Ramen in Xi Men Ding. Not very recommendable but it seems to be popular amongst young people.

– Went back home at about midnight. There are lots of convenience stores in Taipei, particulary 7-Eleven. There are two 7-Eleven outside my accomodation and they are about 20 steps away from each other. I find it strange but convenient.

The first day was a good start.


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  1. Your travel journal seems exciting, anxious to see how the rest of the days go.

    BTW you recommended I do a review of Spirited Away about 2 months ago, I finally got around to doing it, check it out :)

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