Taipei Travel Journal – Day 4

– My alarm went off at 9 a.m. and we snoozed till 10.30 a.m. I woke up with sore throat and my sis’ left eye was a little sore. Our plan for the day was to vist all the museums we’re interested and we started off with Chiang Kai Sek Memorial Hall.

Chiang Kai Sek Memorial Hall

– We took metro train to Chiang Kai Sek Memorial Hall Station and easily found our way to the hall. It was drizzling but the weather was really stuffy which made us regret wearing jeans. The park had a very Chinese feeling to it. There are two National Theatre buildings, a big park and the Memorial Hall. Inside the hall was statue of Chiang Kai Sek.

-After an hour of sightseeing and taking heaps of photos, we got going to our next stop: Taipei Fine Art Museum and Taipei Story House (situated next to each other). They are about 15 minutes walk from Yuan Shan Station. Taipei Fine Art Museum seemed spacious from outside but the interior was quite plain. We didn’t go inside the exhibition hall because we weren’t too interested with what was on.

– Happily we walked to Taipei Story House. I imagined my sis and me sitting by the window, drinking hot cup of tea, watching the rain falls. Yet to our very great disappointment, there written “Closed on Mondays” and guess what day it was?? Yes, Monday.
-After unfruitful trip to Yuan Shan, we went to Zhong Shan to visit Museum of Contemporary Arts (MOCA). But before that, we had lunch in a Japanese restaurant specialised in pork cutlets called Saboten located on the 5th floor of ShinKong Mitsukoshi Mall. I couldn’t really understand the menu and pointed to the pictures with most convincing looks. It was a nice restaurant especially with free flow of salad, soup, tea and rice, although the main dish was filling enough. I’m not a fan of vegetable but the salad was so good, I asked for second round.

-After filling our tummies, we made our way to MOCA. According to our guide book, the red brick MOCA is conspicuous but don’t be fool. There are few red brick buildings in that area. We ended up walking to a red brick social welfare house which was not far from MOCA. Here’s the bad news, we found a note outside MOCA entrance “Closed on Mondays”. Then after carefully reading our guidebook, we realised all museums in Taipei closed on Mondays! We had no choice but to drop our plan for the day which consist of nothing but museums and instantly replaced our activities with shopping at Night Market.

-There are plenty of Night Markets in Taipei and deciding one to visit was quite a task. After contemplating, we decided on Liao Ning Night Market. We boarded metro train from Zhong Shan to Taipei Main Station then transferred at ZhongXiao FuXing Station and stopped at Nanjing East Road Station. 

-My sis and I had trouble finding the night market. We went wrong directions a couple of times and ended up stopping for tea at Dante Café to rejuvenate ourselves before proceeding with our search. We must have looked like lost tourists because a local asked where we’re heading and gave us the direction to the Night Market. It’s great to meet so many nice people in Taipei. After asking about 4 more strangers, we reached Liao Ning Night Market. However, we discovered that it’s a night food market. There’s no shopping area at all. We left just as soon.

– We took Metro back to XiMen and went to a nearby mall to have dinner at the food court. I tried Taiwanese noodle and beancurd. I love the beancurd! After that we walked to Carrefour to buy stuff for people back home. The supermarket opens 24 hour, very convenient. We took cab back to our accomodation. Taxi price in Taiwan is reasonable.

We didn’t manage to enter any museum or do shopping on 4th day but it was another good day. =)


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