C’est Si Bon

I’ve always been highly fascinated by The World. I remember when I first set foot on foreign country. Everything was… well, foreign. Instead of feeling apprehensive, I was intrigued by all the sights. When I came back to my homeland, I told my dad I want to travel every holiday. Unfortunately, I’ve yet to fulfil that wish which I’m still holding onto.

So why the sudden entry about The World? hmm… I’m learning a new language. It’s French! :)

I don’t really know much about France. Never been there. Don’t know anyone from France either, which makes it harder to learn the language. Anyway, a brief intro about my language background:
I speak fluent English (at least I think I do), Indonesian, enough-to-get-by Mandarin, basic Korean, bits-and-pieces Japanese, bad Cantonese, worse German (I’m talking about my language skill, not the countries. Please take no offense.)

Sometimes I’m unsure if I could speak any language decently. I spoke to locals in their native languages and some of them were amazed, although I wonder if they commented out of politeness. Some stared at me blankly, I think they couldn’t make out what I was saying. Then again, most people are nice. They’ll encourage and be glad to help if you’re keen to learn.

Back to French. Oui. A friend of mine has just returned from Provence and I looked at the photos she took. It’s one of those vibrant cities with palpable artistic notions. Poor me, could only wish that I was there but I’ll definitely visit the city one day. So, yea, I decided to watch a French movie to get a pinch of France. It was a bad complement for not being able to travel there. Nonetheless I enjoyed the film and picked another one, and another one… Immersing myself in them. Once I’m engrossed in a culture, I really dig deep into it. I’m learning French now and I’m having French fries tomorrow. haha! :D

I think one day I might tell you how I started learning German too. lol.
I’m going to watch a movie now and write for the next entry (finally!)
Thank’s for reading!



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3 responses to “C’est Si Bon

  1. Melissa

    I’m much the same way!

    I’ve visited France, Spain, Italy, and Germany, and when I spoke to them in their native language, they thanked me and then proceeded to speak in English! I usually know enough to get by in any country I visit, but when I went to France the first time, I took someone who spoke it. I hope you don’t have the same experience I did both times I visited, where they mocked me and proceeded to speak about my Americaness behind my back. I don’t think they realize that just because I can’t speak to you doesn’t mean I can’t understand you!

    • mel

      I get you! Although sometimes i pretend not to understand their language, just to know what they would be talking behind my back. lol! but yea, it’s annoying ey.

      Anyway, seems like you know quite a lot of languages!

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