Film Review 41: The Hangover

The Hangover enjoys box office success and in general, receives quite astounding reviews. I thought it must have been overrated, but then I found out what’s so good about it.

The poster is definitely not an attraction point for me. It seems like one of them boy flicks centre around stupid jokes that I find disturbing to laugh at but as I’ve said before, sometimes you can’t judge a movie by its poster.

Doug (Justin Bartha), Phil (Bradley Cooper), Allen (Zach Galifianakis) and Stu (Ed Helms) head for Vegas for Doug’s bachelor party two days before his wedding. They hope for a night to remember. However in the morning, they wake up in a wrecked hotel suite with absolutely no recollection on what happened the night before. There’s a tiger in the bathroom, baby in the closet, Stu has lost a tooth and the worst part, the groom-to-be is missing! The boys has to locate Doug before things get messier. They start to retrace last night’s scenes with the little of whatever they can recall. One piece of information leads to another. As the picture gets clearer, you won’t belive what the boys were up to!

I would say this is probably guy’s version of Sex and The City. It revolves around the guys and their crazy moment in Vegas. I wonder if it would be the kind of bachelor party most guys secretly wish for, without the blacking out situation of course.  We know guys can go insanely high and wild when they get together, doing things like a bunch of jackasses. However in this movie we see that despite their craziness, they are really decent guys. Besides, you should really watch to find out what they did on that “forgotten” night. The boys are ridiculously funny!

Usually I won’t want to watch a guy movie for second time, but if anyone asked me to rewatch this, i’ll jump at it.

Mel says: 8/10


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