Film Review 43: When You Were Sleeping 당신이잠든사이에

It’s 3:55 a.m. While you were sleeping, I was watching this Korean flick about an alcoholic ahjumma (Korean word for auntie), played by Ye Ji Won, who has the habit of blacking out after consuming too much alcohol. One day she wakes up naked in an expensive hotel suite with no recollection who she spent the night with. She makes a list of possible suspects. While she is busy investigating, her best friend Chul Jin (Tak Jae Hun) is trying hard to confess his 10 years long repressed affection to her.

I’ve wanted to watch this movie since I saw the trailer in Korea last year. It seems pretty funny and yea, it is. It’s a light, easy to digest, nothing serious kind of movie. The story is not focussed on the ahjumma’s quest to find the man whom she slept with, but rather about the life of a unique alcoholic. Despite the ahujumma’s serious drinking problem and erractic behaviour, it’s fun watching her because she’s different and unpretentious.  Her personality draws audiences to her and it’s hard to dislike her no matter how crazy she seems.

It’s late at night and I’m sleepy but this movie keeps me awake just fine. Not for those looking for a meaningful movie but good for people in seach of light entertainment.

Mel says: 7/10


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