Film Review 44: The International

The International reminds me a lot of The Interpreter (2005), a film by Sydney Pollack. Both involve politics, CIA, corrupted people, and the main actresses, Naomi Watts and Nicole Kidman, look alike too. I prefer The Interpreter though.

Louis Salinger (Clive Owen) is an interpol agent who is investigating the involvement of International Bank of Business and Credit (IBBC) in an illegal weapon trading activity. As he gets closer to finding out the truth, the people who could be useful to his investigation are being terminated one by one. Furthermore, the authorites do not seem very helpful. Salinger realises perhaps the only way to bring justice is to be part of the bad side….

This movie has a serious air throughout which is why it feels a little tiresome halfway to it. However it gets more enganging after a twist in the plot. Naomi Watts seems pretty redundant in the show. She appears briefly and doesn’t do much, but it always helps to have a pretty face in a tense movie. Clive Owen, on the other hand, dominates the show and I guess with his straight face, he suits to be in this kind of movie.

I would say this is an average movie. There’s nothing that kicks you, except, maybe, the message of the movie reveals at the end. Other than that…it’s not bad but not enough.

Mel says: 6/10


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