Evil Me, Evil Me Not

I have two blogs and i haven’t given the other address to anyone yet (not that I intend to). I was thinking that I should write there instead of ramble here but that’s not important.

It’s my study break and I’m down with stomach flu. Good timing ey? Last night I woke up to a rumbling tummy 3 times, dreamt of something I’ve dreamt before and went to the bathroom a few times… Decent sleep doesn’t come easy. It’s been 6 days and my tummy is still taking charge. I had to cancel a dinner appointment, movie appointment, study appointment, etc. Basically I’ve been kept at home this week. Well, i managed to meet my friends for breakfast two days ago but ended up traveling an hour long bus ride, not eating anything because the sight of food made me sick, took a taxi home and puked. However, being an optimist, I think this is my tummy’s way of telling me:

I shall get back to my notes now.

Ah almost forgot, the reason i’m writing this is to let you know that if you’re down with stomach flu or recovering from it, please avoid fast food. I know it’s irresistible cause I fell for it. I thought my tummy was recovering and so happily I went for a meal, but soon after, tummy decided to have a twist again. It is deceitful.

Please take good care of yourself.

P.S: this is random but do you realise that “evil” is “live” spelt backward?


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