Film Review 45: McDull, Prince de la Bun 麥兜菠蘿油王子

How did I end up watching a HongKong cartoon movie?

McDull, Prince de la Bun is a sequel to My Life as McDull. The animation begins starts off by showing McDull’s life as a kindergarten student, living with his single mom. At night, his mom reads him bedtime story that she writes called “Prince de la Bun” and we are transported to the Prince’s world as the narration begins. The story is about a silly and hopeless prince who loses his way home. He spends almost his entire life looking for the way back.

At the beginning, the movie seems really odd. Then it moves swiftly from McDull’s reality to Prince’s world which is equally odd but queerness is the main attraction of the movie. Nearing the end, the story starts to make sense and it ends gracefully. Actually, it has lots similarities with The Little Prince.

We know HongKong is famous for its film industry. I hope more of HongKong animations will start to emerge as well. Although in terms of storyline and aesthetics McDull is still way behind average Japanese animation, it is definitely a good display of HK potential. Besides, it brings out a strong assence of HongKong.

The movie comes across as a picturesque fairytale but a little too draggy. It seems more like a bedtime storybook with some pop-arts rather than an animation (You decide for yourself it that’s a good or bad point). If you have adequate attention span and are a fan of HongKong, then you would want to see it. Good night.

Mel says: 7/10


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