Does anyone have an Anti-Virus?

I don’t understand how memory works.

First you have a set of memories. Then you separate ones you wish to keep from ones you wish to not remember. For the latter set of memories, you’d hide them in the attic and try your best to ignore its existence.
As time passed, you’ll move on and live your life well. You might even learn to revisit the memory and have a good reminisence of the past. So all is good.
Until when you least expected, the memories just come crawling up your mind and suffocate your heart.

How does the same memory which brings so much joy, brings such pain?
I wish I knew how to troubleshoot this problem. 죽을 것처럼 맘이 아파요…

P.S: If only I could suddenly recall where I put my misplaced items, that’d be awesome.


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