Film Review 48: The Naked Kitchen

A friend recommended this movie to me. I’ve never heard of it before but reckoned it wouldn’t hurt to watch a bit before deciding if it’s worth watching. I stayed on till the end but maybe I shouldn’t have.

Mo Rae (Shin Min Ah) is happily married to Sang In (Kim Tae Woo), the only man she ever laid her eyes on. Then one day, she visits an art gallery to look for wedding anniversary present for her husband. There she bumps into a stranger and they have an unexpected sex. After the incident, she feels guilty and confesses to her husband. At first Sang In is furious but later he decides to treat as if it didn’t happen. However, another unexpected thing happens. The total stranger is actually Park Doo Rae (Joo Ji Hoon), the talented chef whom Sang In has invited from France to live with them as his private cooking teacher. thenakedkitchen_20090504_seoulbeats

I was certain the movie was going to be good 15 minutes into it. The movie seems different and creates a very sweet and lovely ambience. Although the plot gets a little weird, Mo Rae’s quirky personality makes sense of it. I truly enjoyed the movie, up till the near end of it. Then I got lost in the story. I don’t understand the ending. It’s neither a happy nor sad ending… I don’t think it’s even an ending at all. If it has better ending, the movie would be so worth watching.

This movie has deceived me into watching the whole show only to find out the ending doesn’t pay off. Therefore I can only recommend it to fans of Joo Ji Hoon.

Mel says: 5/10


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