Film Review* 49: Fame

Dream it. Earn it. Live it.

Dream it. Earn it. Live it.

I’m gonna do something different today. Instead of writing a review, I’d like to share what draws me into the movie.

A brief intro: Fame is a remake of 1980 movie of the same title. The movie is about few talented individuals who study at New York School of Performing Arts and it tells of the ups and downs they face within their four years in the school.

I think most people with passion for acting, dancing or music would be able to relate to the movie at some point. In the movie, there’s a character called Victor (Walter Perez) who has an apt for music. He is an amazing pianist but has difficulty playing according to the scores like a professional should. He is definitely the guy that speaks to me.

You may skip reading the following blabber if you’d like. :)

I play the piano by ear. I am not good at it but I couldn’t stop playing. When I was 7 years old, I had piano lesson which lasted a short while because my elder sister who was taking proper piano class didn’t show great enthusiasm and my mom reckoned I would be the same. Can’t blame her, I didn’t seem much interested.

 Two years later, I went abroad to study. One fine afternoon, I heard my ex-housemate play “Heart and Soul”. That’s when I fell in love with piano… and started running my fingers through the ebony and ivory.
After a long while, my mom realised my “talent” (That’s what she calls it but knowing so many people who has the same “talent”, I think it’s just that I have more interest and passion in it than those who say they can’t play the instrument). She called a tutor. By that time I could play most songs I wish to play, though only in simple chords. The tutor assumed I must be able to read musical notes since I could play and have had lessons before. The truth is I don’t. I could only read first few notes on the sheet before the fingers start playing my own version. The lessons ended about 3 months and I gave up on taking lessons.

I wish my “Piano and I” story will not end here. I know the only way to improve is to be willing to learn. One day, I would really love to take piano lessons from point zero till I learn how to shut my ears, fix my eyes on the notes and play like a professional.


Ok, let’s rate the movie now. Lol!
Mel says: 6.7/10 (most points are generated from the OST and my prejudice. :p)


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