Luvly Jubly

I love staying home all day, hiding away, traveling to places I’ve never heard of.

Knock Knock.
Who’s there?

Reality comes knocking on my door.
My classes start at 9.30 a.m. and end at 12.30 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Sucky schedule. But better than afternoon (2.30 to 5.30 p.m.) classes. Then again, I’m studying subjects which I hardly have interest in. So no matter what timing I got, it still sucks. Not complaning here. Just stating my thought.

I need to lock myself at home and prepare Strawberry Soup.
Then I’ll be charged up for the new semester. :)

Recipe for Strawberry Soup from Delicious Magazine


75cl bottle medium-dry rosé wine
125g caster sugar
4 tbsp summer fruit cordial
Piece of orange zest, plus 6 extra pieces to decorate
400g small strawberries

1. Pour the rosé wine into a saucepan, add the sugar, cordial and orange zest. Heat gently, stirring, until the sugar dissolves. Remove from the heat, transfer the liquid to a large bowl and chill for a few hours.

2. Hull and halve the strawberries and add to the chilled soup. Ladle the strawberry soup into 6 shallow bowls and decorate each with a piece of orange zest to serve.

Bon Appetite!


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