Film Review 51: (500) Days Of Summer

First of all, sorry I took so long to review this movie. It is because I absolutely adore it and it’s hard to share my thoughts on things that I like for sentimental reason but I’m going to try. There are lotsa good online reviews on this movie. You might want to check them out at:


Starring Joseph Gordon Levitt and Zooey Deschanel, this is a movie about love that isn’t so romantic. Read the tagline, you would know; “Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love. Girl doesn’t.”
It follows the 500 days of Summer for Tom Hansen. Summer here does not refer to the sunny season, but a girl whom Tom has fallen in love with. Unfortunately, Summer is a sceptic of love. In a conventional romantic flick, Summer will eventually fall head over heels but I assure you this isn’t one.

It begins with Day 240 when broken hearted Tom tells his love-advisor younger sis and less-than-capable friends about his encounter with Summer. From there, the movie shuttles back and forth throughout the 500 days while revealing the ups and downs of their relationship. This non-linear way of storytelling is rather interesting.

It’s not hard to see why Tom would fall deeply in love with Summer, an average looking girl he barely knows about. We do not get to know her fully in the film because the movie is told from Tom’s point of view and Summer is someone he could never understand. Yet there is a certain charm that makes people wants to know her more. Tom, on the other hand, is predictable but his sincerity could melt anyone’s heart. I would say the script crafts two main characters that are impossible to hate despite their imperfection in every way.

The director, Marc Webb, who has a background in music video directing, displays his skill of presenting visually pleasant scenes in beautiful colours and effects. The movie actually seems like a compilation of music videos especially with soundtracks which likely to win audiences over. Of all the music video moments, I like the musical scene after Tom had his first night with Summer. It’s a magical world all of a sudden.

If you need a breath of fresh air, look no further. Here’s the trailer;

This is one movie which made me heave a long sigh of relief and smiled. Whatever that means.

Mel says: 8.5/10


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