Film Review 53: Paris Je T’aime

Last Saturday I started my French lesson. Although, I didn’t learn much new things on the first day, I’m sure there will be lots to learn from the upcoming lessons. I’m really looking forward to that! Anyway, in conjuction with my French lesson, I decided to watch Paris, Je T’aime. :)

We're All In The Dance

Paris J T’aime is a compilation of 18 short stories condensed into 120 minutes. The short films are directed by different established directors including Ethan and Joel Cohen (The Ladykillers), Alexander Payne (Sideways), Gus Van Sant (Good Will Hunting) and starred talents like Maggie Gyllenhaal (Mona Lisa Smile), Natalie Portman (V For Vendetta), etc. The story centres around two things; Paris and Love. Sounds like an awesome film, eh?

In this film, every director is given about 5 minutes to tell their stories. It begins with a rather abstract short flick which gets me in the right mood, although it also makes me worried about how the next flick is going to be like. Fortunately, the subsequent flicks are more comprehensible.

Among the 18 short films, there are some which really stand out while the rest are average or plain forgettable. An example of a good segment would be the flick by Mexican director Alfonso Cuaron. It is shot in a single continuos shot and relies on the dialogues to engage audiences. All we see is an old man and a young woman walking and talking. Yet I find it highly interesting, especially with the revelation at the end. On the other hand, short film by Vincenzo Natali about a human who falls in love with dracula is too random for my liking. The story idea is cute but it breaks the melancholic nuance from the previous shorts. But anyway this movie is definitely worth watching because the short films are either good enough, good or very good. Every short film is set in a symbolic location in Paris, so even if you don’t like the stories, just treat the movie as travel itinerary.


I wish the actors in the film would converse more in French but doesn’t matter. I reckon this movie is good movie for film student to watch because the 18 flicks are done in different style and pace. You can really observe and learn. Anyway, I’m really sleepy now… My eyes are closing! I gotta end this quick. lol.

After watching this film, I’m wishing Saturday to come quickly so I can learn more French! :) This film gives another reason to love Paris.

Mel says: 7.8/10


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