Film Review 54: Science of Sleep

I saw 3 movies recently; Science of Sleep, 2012 and My Girlfriend is an Agent (Korean). I was deciding on one to review. For 2012, I think we’ve seen enough disaster on TV news and a disaster movie is a little redundant. But such movie always bring in the cash and that’s all that matters isn’t it? As for the Korean movie, it’s a standard Korean flick so I have nothing much to say. That’s why I picked Science of Sleep, cause it is different.

Science of Sleep. Directed by French director Michel Gondry.

Science of Sleep is not everyone’s cup of tea. My guess is that majority will not like it. Not because it is a bad movie but it is bizarre and out of this world. And for the same reasons, others will like this movie.

The story: Following his father’s death, Stephane Miroux moves to France to be with his mother. His mother promised a creative job for him which is actually a boring position at a calendar making firm. The only way to break free from his mundane life is by falling asleep and escaping into a surreal world created by his hyperactive imagination. However, his dream often lands him in a difficult position as it gets hard to differentiate what’s real and what’s not. Especially when the dream involves the pretty neighbour, Stephanie, he has a crush on.

I used to have the habit of sleeping when I had too much thoughts in mind. Sleeping was like an escapade. That’s why I find Science of Sleep rather interesting. The director, Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind) who is famous for his artistic and imaginative films, displayed even more creative side of him through this film. You can either call it genius or madness.

How do I find this movie? I’m torn in between. I like it because sometimes I feel I’m out of this world and this movie gives me such feeling. On the other hand, it’s difficult to comprehend because the images gets so quirky and the story jumps from reality to dreamland too quickly. It’s hard to catch up with the imagination which runs so wildly ahead of me. I was a little lost in the middle of the movie, but managed to snap back to it towards the end when the story starts to tone down a little.

It’s been a while since I review a movie. This review sounds rusty I guess. lol. I’ll try to write a better one next time. To end, I shall post trailer of Science of Sleep to give you a better picture. :)

Mel says: 6.9/10


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