Welcome to Lost Avenue!

People get lost from time to time. Whether by choice or unknowingly, the fact that you arrive in Lost Avenue means it’s fated to be. Don’t worry.
Here some tips on what to do if you’re lost :)

1. Shout out loud.
Obviously if you are too far away, no one can hear you. That’s why you ought to shout to know how far out you are. If you are not too far away, someone will come to your rescue.

2. Look around.
Since you are lost, and pray you won’t be lost twice, might as well go all out and look around. Who knows you might bump into people or things that can lead you to where you should be.

3. List out things to do once you’ve found your way.
This is the best time to know what you really want to do. Little things you miss, they probably are your little sources of happiness.

4. Read the map carefully.
A map can be in any form, such as bible, textbook, diary, whatever form of papers you are holding on to. There’ll be a problem if you don’t carry any piece of useful papers with you. Finding a way back is so much easier with a guide.

5. Leave traces behind.
Simple reason; so you won’t walk the same path twice.

6. Pick things up along the way.
Those things are reminders of where you’ve been. When you’ve found your way, do a little research on where you lost yourself. It might be quite interesting.

7. Stay where you are.
This is an absolute last resort when you can’t think of anything else to do. Count 1 to infinity. Some time in between, someone will surely appear in time to get you out.

8. Look out for me.
I’m a Permanent Residence of Lost Avenue. If you need food, drinks, shelter or companion, I might be able to help. First, you have to locate me.

On behalf of everyone here, I hope you have a meaningful visit.
We hope to see how much you’ve grown and learnt on your next visit here.
Have a nice day. :)


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