Film Review 56: Nana

4:19 a.m.

I wanted to watch a light movie because I don’t wanna carry a heavy heart to sleep. So I picked a Japanese film, Nana, which is adapted from a manga (comic). The synopsis says it is about a coincidental friendship between two unlike girls of the same age and same name. I thought ‘how heavy can such movie be?’, didn’t realised I was going to watch one of the most sentimental movies ever. Before you keep reading, let me apologise upfront for the one-sided review. The effect it has on me made it difficult to be objective.

Maybe I’m not in the proper state of emotion. For some reasons, this film gets personal to me. It hits where it hurts. You might know that I cry quite easily watching a movie but I don’t recall sobbing this hard for a very long time. The worse part is that I cried at all the wrong places. Not sure what got into me.

The movie opens with a performance by Nana Osaki (Mika Nakashima) and her band, 2 years before the girls meet. It then cuts to present time when Nana Komatsu (Aoi Miyazaki), narrator in this film, meets Nana Osaki on a train to Tokyo, on their way to put the past behind and start new lives in the city. Although the two share nothing in common except name and age, they hit it off right away. By sheer coincidence, they bump into each other again while looking for an apartment and become housemates. The two form a strong friendship as they faced the obstacles of love and life and learn from each other how to pick themselves up.

Probably a good idea to watch the trailer.

The script crafts two of the most believable and real characters. Nana the rocker is seemingly cold and doesn’t talk much yet her warmth and weakness is perceptible. As for Nana Komatsu, she is affectionate and naive to the point of foolishness. But her genuineness makes her such a lovable character who draws you in. As the story unfolds, the different sides of both characters are revealed and it’s really sweet to see how their friendship blooms through the hardships. They must be the two luckiest persons to have found each other when life is throwing all kinds of junk.

I’d rather you watch it yourself because my opinions would be personal. That’s what makes me a bad reviewer, at times I get too emotional over a movie. For this movie, it’s just the situation I’m in, the kind of person I am and the kind of friend I was hoping for. It hurts a lot to watch this movie but I’m blown by how it connects to me in such deep level. I don’t know… I think I better hit the bed now.

Even if Nana might not have sentimental value on you, this is definitely a film to watch for. That is an objective opinion, trust me. LOL. It has a very deep, strong and engaging storyline. At the same time it doesn’t leave you heavy-hearted. Only, perhaps, a little solemn.

Mel says: Highly recommended.



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2 responses to “Film Review 56: Nana

  1. You should read the manga. I assure you it’s better by a dozen!

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