Somewhere Along The Way.

Christmas is coming. It’s my favourite season of the year. :) Although I always have mix feeling about Christmas, it never fails to warm my heart. I’m gonna take this time to share the warmth with some very special people. I remember doing this back in junior high school when my seniors were leaving. I still miss them much. Anyway.

Here’s a little dedication entry for some Pieces of the Puzzle I’ve collected.

To One who sees the life ahead of me.
To One who speaks nothing but cares much.
To One who opened the way for me to fly.
To One who cherishes me as much.
To One who took me into a world I could only dreamed of.
To One who smiles in good times and bad times.
To One who does the little things which count.
To One who taught me to appreciate life.
To One who accepts silence as an answer.
To One who trusts in my judgement.
To One who brightens the memory.
To One who tells story of adventures.
To One who adds colours to my world.
To One who gives me room to love a little more.
To One who inspires me to aim for higher ground.
To One who built the bridge for me to cross over.
To One who told me the troubles of life and lives on.
To One who talked to me when droplets were about to fall.
To One who made me realise the bittersweetness of life.
To One who showed me kindness beyond my understanding.
To One who speaks a different language with common feeling.
To One who made me experience different kinds of emotions.
To One who remained the same through the changes in life.
To One who said a sentence which lasts forever.
To One who stayed with me in the tunnel.
To One who made me laugh the most.
To One who cried when I could not.
To One who lets me write on the blank papers.
To One who gives purpose to my life.

A big THANK YOU to all of You.

This list could go on, but I’m not gonna bore you with a never-ending list. ;)
That’s all for now… Ah, and Thank You for reading.
God bless.



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