Film Review 57: Unaccompanied Minors

I wanna review Christmas movies in the month of December to get everyone in the mood for the season. :) So here’s the first Christmas movie!

I remember traveling as Unaccompanied Minor in 1998. For unknown reason my economy seat was upgraded to business class. Being a U.M was a good experience. However the kids in this movies aren’t that lucky.

Six UMs are trapped in the UM room of Hoover International Airport along with heaps of overly rowdy UMs on Christmas eve because their flights are cancelled due to blizzard. Five of them managed to escape from the havoc and Mr Poter, the manager of the airport as well as the Grinch, is determine to get them and lock them up in “hell”. In trying to elude Mr Porter, the UMs have their night to remember as they form a new “family”.

I’m not sure if I’ve grown out of children movie or the movie plot is too exaggerated for my liking. The kids behave way over their ages that it made me sick. In fact I think Mr Porter is just doing his job and the minors are making things difficult for him. The “Grinch” is not a bad person really… or maybe I’m just turning into a pessimist. lol. Anyway, I came to accept the kids after constantly reminding myself that it’s only a friendly Christmas movie. Can’t say I like the UMs but they are less annoying as the story goes.

Movies with Kid heroes don’t really appeal to me because I think kids shouldn’t try to act as adults. We’re only young once, so what’s the hurry? I like movies with smart kids, not act-smart kids. There’s huge different and unfortunately, the UMs are more like the latter.

For a nice Christmas movie with kid hero, watch Home Alone instead.

Mel says: 4/10


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