My Grown-Up Christmas List

Days to Christmas: Seven.

I’ve never really written a Christmas List before, except when I was a kid. Probably because I feel that Christmas is Jesus’ birthday and instead of asking Him for presents, I should be giving Him gifts. Makes sense, doesn’t it? It’s fine if you disagree. Sometimes I find it difficult to understand myself too. lol.

This year I tried my best to be good and honestly, I’m drained. It’s not easy to be good when your bottle is filled almost to the brim. For the effort I’ve put in, I’m gonna reward myself with a grown-up Christmas List! :)

Dear God,

Your birthday is around the corner. I’m still working on Your birthday gift but if You don’t mind, I have a Christmas list which I hope You can help me with.

1. 14 years ago when I was bugging Santa to give me a sticker book with heaps of fanciful stickers, my sister made one selfless wish. That wish has yet to fully come true. I pray for it to come true God.

2. I pray for Your presence and blessings to be upon the people on my Thank-You list (refer to the 2nd previous post) and the rest of names I have in mind.

3. I pray for everyone to have a friend. I know how important that is.

4. …

I guess that’s all. Thank You God.

I thought writing a Christmas wish list is suppose to be easy. Not true!! God has been so kind to me that I feel undeserving to be asking for more. Besides, I don’t know what to ask for. All the good things don’t necessarily bring happiness and the bad things happen for reasons. What is there to wish for? Anyway most of my wishes always come true. So I don’t need to make a list on Christmas season because I have Christmas magic all year-round. ;)

This is the way to cut watermelon in December.

Let me share the secret behind my magical gift.
When I was young, days before Christmas I always write to Santa about what I want for Christmas. However I stopped doing so because I reckon Santa will be busy dealing with so many people’s wishes. Instead, I choose to write to him on any random day when the Christmas madness has gone. I want Santa to know that I remember him always, not just on Christmas. That way Santa tends to be more generous with your wish list and that’s how you make all your wishes come true.

Have all your wishes come true this season! :D

P.S: What is the difference between a grown-up Christmas list and an ordinary Christmas list?


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  1. aww cute watermelon tree!

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